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Did you know?:

Using the latest Adobe software, I will edit together and perfectly blend two photos of your pet, ensuring each is perfectly matched with lighting, color & composition. The resulting image creates
the illusion that your pet is with their younger self in the same shot.

Depending on the starting photos, it can even look
like they are interacting with each other, which really adds something special.

Almost any photos will work, and each one gets a visual makeover in the process, ensuring the best
possible outcome for your piece.

This is so much more than just blending two photos together; this is a beautiful, unique way of showing your pet's character, their journey - who they were and who they've become. A stunning keepsake to cherish.


Meet your artist:


I'm Chris Davis, I started Then and Now Pawtraits as a combination of my passions - Photography, Digital Editing, and all things Canine!

I have over 15 years experience with Adobe editing suites
and various creative technologies.

My goal is to offer studio-quality portraits for those who cherish their pets, creating something truly individual and special in the process. 

Please feel free to contact me through my official Instagram page:
or email me:

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